Scare Camp 2018


This year’s Scare Camp will be held at Bowley Scout Camp and Activity Centre, running from Friday 2nd November – Sunday 4th November 2018 and is open to all Scout and Explorer groups in East Lancashire. (start and finish times to be confirmed asap).

The cost of attending the camp for Scouts, Explorers and Young Leaders (anyone under 18) is £25 per person. The cost for Leaders over 18 is £5 per person. This cost covers camping fees, activities and give-aways only. Accommodation and Camping kit is not provided and you are responsible for catering during the event. Please remember this when planning for the camp and deciding what fees to charge your young people as an all inclusive cost of attending this camp.

Places are limited, bookings will be accepted on a “first come first served” basis. Your booking will be accepted and confirmed via email to the email address given on the booking form. Bookings will only be confirmed once we have received both your deposit and booking form. Deposits received after we have allocated all spaces and the camp is fully booked will be returned as soon as possible.

All activities which require trained instructors over the weekend will be provided by Woodsage, therefor you will be asked to complete the relevant Woodsage permission forms and return them at a later date. Any person under the age of 18 who hasn’t returned the consent to participate form will not be allowed to take part in the activity.

The woodsage activities on offer will be archery, crossbows, riffles, catapults, tomahawks and leap of faith. Due to the number of participants at this event it will not be possible for every Scout/Explorer/young leader to try all of these activities. Please note on your booking form one activity in particular that your group would like as part of your programme, and we will do our best to ensure that this is included as one of your activities.

The camp is a SCARE CAMP held close to Halloween, so please ensure that firstly Parents and then all Scouts and Explorers are aware that the camp will be themed accordingly. We need everyone attending to understand this and that the story line behind the camp, any activities, messages, effects and interaction is not real and that all participants are made aware of this, especially any participants who may not understand this. We would advise discretion as to whom you think is able to attend without causing any anxiety or stress or worry by the theme. The event may not be suitable for some young people.

Places are limited so booking early is advised in order to guarantee your place on the camp.

Booking Form here..

Author: Matt Holden

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